About Us

About Penyet Express

Across the archipelago of Indonesia, one can find a vast variety of Indonesian cultures and of course come together with it the many various types of rich-in-taste and mouth-watering local delicacies. Given its proximity in geographic location, similar climate and cultures, Indonesian delicacies are gaining huge popularity among the Malaysian market.

Penyet Express Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in the year 2009 and has ever since received warm welcome by its Malaysian patrons. Starting from the 1990’s, with its humble beginning as street food, Ayam Penyet, a popular East Javanese local cuisine has since then become a popular local Indonesian cuisine, expanding and making its mark across the nation providing traditional Indonesian food fused with innovative set meals. It has recently surged in popularity across South East Asia, where various chains have opened, selling the dish along with other Indonesian delicacies. Today, Penyet Express Restaurant group has a wide network of restaurants strategically located in major shopping malls, business and residential areas across all markets in Malaysia.

Concept and Ambience

Ayam Penyet Express’ unique urban and trendy concept is especially popular among the young working adults, teenagers, as well as family groups. At Ayam Penyet Express, we see the young people’s need to express themselves, their need for identity and a ‘life-style’ hang-out place and therefore strive to create through our interior design, graphic designs, product presentation and advertising concepts on traditional yet modern atmosphere all intertwined together to give maximum enjoyment and relaxation for our patrons.

Our Products

The Ayam Penyet (flattened fried chicken), the signature product of Penyet Express is made from the freshest of quality kampung chicken and marinated with selected herbs and different spices, giving it a scrumptious favourable flavour. The meat is meticulously cooked till golden brown and crispy while ensuring the flavours are locked in. Crisp fried flour bits are then sprinkled over the chicken, giving it that extra bit of crunch. It does not end there, the chicken is then flattened (penyet) to tenderise and detach the meat from the bone, making it a convenient and sensational dish for all ages.

The meal is completed with healthy but tasty Indonesian veggies served with our famous addictive spicy sambal belacan (chilli paste) on the side, which is made with a mixture of chilli, anchovies, tomatoes, onions, garlics, belacan, assam and lime juice. while rice is optional. Lime can be used as a garnish to further enhance the flavours for a sweet and sour delectable taste. Besides the mouth-watering main dish Ayam Penyet, Penyet Express serves a variety of other dishes to satisfy each customer. These includes Bakso Kuah (beef ball soup with vermicelli) and Es Campur (Indonesian mixed fruit), paired with Soda Gembira (Happy Soda).

Gado-Gado is recommended as the healthiest option which is made of crunchy crackers, fresh mixed veggies, boiled egg and tasty peanut sauce. Lastly, the oxtail soup should not be missed as this steaming concoction of tender meat and juicy greens is a heavenly meal creating a snug feeling within. Customers have also commented that unlike other fast food restaurants, the dishes contain hardly any oily residue, enabling one to fully enjoy the succulent meat and crunchy skin of the Ayam Penyet. Apart from chicken, there are other flattened dishes available such as Empal Penyet (flattened beef), to Udang Penyet (flattened prawn) and Bawal Penyet (flattened fried pomfret).

Referred to as the ‘Indonesian KFC’, the strong flavours combined with various textures of the dishes served will satisfy all your cravings. Penyet Express Restaurants offers tantalizing authentic East Javanese cuisine making it a popular food destination for all.